Epigastric Hernias
In an epigastric (pronounced: eh-pih-gas-trik) hernia, which is also called a ventral hernia, part of the intestines protrude through the abdominal muscles located between the belly button and the chest. It's mostly guys who have to worry about this type of hernia - about 75% of epigastric hernias occur in males. People with this type of hernia may notice a lump. Surgery is a common way to fix this problem.

It is advisable to any patient who feels a lump in any abdominal wall area to notify his / her physician and to be examined by an appropriate specialist for consultation. The bigger the lump the becomes the more difficulties might be encountered in the future.

Most of the epigastric hernias are relatively small and the repair can be accomplished with a relatively small incision with the insertion of a mesh. This can be done in the vast majority of cases on an outpatient basis with very limited amounts of pain and discomfort and a relatively early return to normal life.

What can you do for an Epigastric Hernia?
Epigastric Hernias do not just go away so it is important you talk to your doctor and receive treatment. Over time your hernia could become larger more painful and a serious problem that requires medical attention.

Learn about the Hernia Surgical Procedure

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