About Hernias

Hernia Mesh Synthetic Patch

A synthetic patch(mesh) made of inert material is currently used to repair hernias. This patch is made of synthetic material (nylon) in the shape of a net that is used to bridge the gap where the hernia is located. Years ago the patch/mesh was somewhat thick and not as flexible as it is now. The pores of the patch/mesh were initially relatively small and now the pores are bigger. Also the material became thinner and much more flexible to allow natural movement of the body without any resistance from the mesh. New types of synthetic meshes are now available including those that include different structures that help the adherence to the underlying tissues. With this type of mesh, according to the manufacturers, less stitches are needed which results in less post-operative pain.

Different shapes and forms are available and each case might dictate the use of a particular patch. Dr. Reisfeld makes this determination based on his 20+ years of experience performing these types of operations.

Over the years there were some reports of developing reactions to the mesh or certain products that were recalled. If one compares the vast amount of hernia cases to these small reported cases one can say that those issues are extremely rare. Dr. Reisfeld is aware of those reports and is careful in choosing the appropriate patch/mesh.