Inguinal Hernias
If you have an inguinal hernia, you might be able to see a bulge where your thigh and your groin meet. In guys, the protruding piece of intestine may enter the scrotum, which can cause swelling and pain. Other symptoms of an inguinal hernia might include pain when you cough, lift something heavy, or bend over. These types of hernias require surgery to repair; in fact, inguinal hernia operations are the most common type of surgery performed on kids and teens.

Causes for Inguinal Hernia:
There is no one factor that can be blamed for the creation of an inguinal hernia. The inguinal canal is a tract that is created in embryonal life allowing the testicels to descend from an intra abdominal position to the testicular sac. This tract usually closes after birth can open later in life from a variety of reasons. Heavy physical activity, trauma, obesity, increase in abdominal pressure can cause opening of this canal. Some weakness in the abdominal wall muscles and a possible defect in the quality of the tissues can add to the risks of hernia development. It should be remembered that lack of activity does not exclude the development of a hernia.

The diagnosis of a hernia is based on the clinical findings. Rarely does the diagnosis of a hernia require special tests. Once the diagnosis is made and confirmed by the surgeon the recommendation is to repair it. Otherwise it will grow and it will be more difficult to repair the hernia. We are always trying to perform the operation before any complication can appear.

A femoral hernia is a type of a hernia located in the inguinal region but anatomically somewhat different than the typical inguinal hernia. The repair technique is also somewhat different but can also be done with the mesh and on an outpatient basis. The distinction between a inguinal hernia and a femoral hernia is usually made on a clinical basis.

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